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KamiKawa benefits from the suppliers, raw materials, professional R&D, and design team that can assist customers in the entire process from development, proofing to mass production.


Drawing on these resources, we have created extreme CNC precision machining production experiences in domestic business in CNC precision machining parts, precision metal stamping, precision injection molding, precision die-casting molding, MIM molding, plastic metal molds, and auto parts for over 20 years. Especially in CNC milling, CNC turning parts. 


Full experience on CNC machining and other precision parts manufacturing. Offering competitive price and end-to-end support. Not only making your prototypes or production parts, but also the partner with you at every step - from concept to fulfillment  -  to make them better. We DO care about your project as much as you do.


Mission, Vision, Concept...

Mission: Innovative Solutions to Manufacturing Challenges to Meet our Customers' Needs

Vision: To be the better reliable manufacturing partner

Concept: On-demand manufacturing made better, faster, smarter, cost-effective.


KamiKawa has passed ISO9001, ISO13485 and ISO14001 certifications.


Contact details: 

Huizhou KamiKawa Precision Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: Dinghong Industrial Park, No. 43 Lianfa Avenue, Tong Qiao Industrial Park, Huicheng District, 
Huizhou City, zip code: 516032, Guang Dong Province, China
Phone No.: 0086 752 2608717
Cell number: 0086 18575216979





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